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Public confidence in Northern Constabulary police is above Scottish average

Issued: 2 Nov 2010

NORTHERN Constabulary welcomes the publication of the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey today.

Chief Constable Ian Latimer welcomed the publication of the report. He said:

"The data presented in the report reflects the high levels of confidence in police in the Highlands and Islands. People in the Highlands and Islands are confident in their local police to prevent crime, respond quickly to appropriate calls and information, deal with incidents, investigate incidents, solve crimes and catch criminals. In all these aspects Northern Constabulary comes out amongst the highest in levels of public confidence across Scotland and well above the Scottish average.

“The survey also supports the Force's own regional findings in the results of the last community consultation survey (published in Nov 2009) in the area. This survey revealed 96% of respondents across the region stating that they feel safe within the areas they live.

“In general, Northern Constabulary has a high proportion of people contacting the police, which demonstrates both high accessibility and high public confidence levels. People in the Highlands and Islands feel confident in contacting the police and have a high expectation of the quality of response.

"Crime rates continue to fall across the Highlands and Islands and detection rates remain amongst the highest in the UK. This survey underlines the fact that Northern Constabulary is a highly effective force, which enjoys the support of the public and values the contribution of the public to successful policing.”

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